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ALP is a consulting and investment firm that supports innovative companies in France and around the world.

About ALP

Founded in 2011 by Anne Lauvergeon, ALP assists executives and decision-makers in the success of their projects.

Through strategic and financial consulting missions carried out for companies, governments, local authorities and investment funds, ALP develops innovative and effective strategies in a privileged relationship with these organizations’ leaders.

We assist them all the way to strategy implementation. Our scope of intervention also extends to solving specific challenges.

We invest in innovative and promising companies. Linked by a common interest, we help them to accelerate their development by providing them with our resources and expertise without time limits.

This is a unique model that has already benefited more than thirty innovative companies.


ALP is the strategic partner of companies, governments, local authorities, and investment funds.

We can also work on specific issues such as the carve-out of subsidiaries, the search for investors, the negotiation of strategic contracts or the success of new markets.


We support them as sparring partners of the executives to help them redefine and deploy their strategy


We help investment funds in M&A and some specific operations.


We help governments to develop new policies, for example on innovation, energy or raw materials.

Local Authorities

We help local authorities build ecosystems promoting employment, sustainable development and innovative projects.


We invest in innovative companies with a high potential. ALP supports entrepreneurs in the execution of their vision. Our legal structure (company without external investor) allows us to make quick decisions and to be a stable and ambitious partner with a long-term vision without time limits.

In 10 years, we have invested in more than 30 innovative companies in France and internationally and have made several exits. Our unique positioning attracts innovative entrepreneurs, wishing to accelerate their growth and penetrate new markets. We work with them and provide them with our resources and capacities without time limits.

What inspires us

  • An innovative project with a truly differentiating value proposition
  • A useful solution that tackles a real issue
  • A human adventure with dynamic and value-driven leaders

Some examples of investment

We currently own shares in 18 companies with an international presence, including:


Shared mobility without CO2


Data science


Mining industry


Energy without CO2



My Louves



Water purification



The ALP way

Thanks to the extensive experience of our collaborators and partners, we help accelerate the development of companies through an active involvement in the following :

  • Strategy and business model
  • Financing and business plan, we help define and implement the financing strategy, its sequencing, and we help to find investors and possible public financing opportunities (Bpifrance, PIA, regional funds, etc.)
  • Commercial acceleration, our access to high-profile decision-makers allows us to identify and activate the most promising prospects and partners
  • International development, we provide our knowledge of the field and high level contacts in more than 20 countries.
  • Communication, to increase public awareness
  • Governance, to help set up the appropriate structures and processes (Board of Directors and Committees, Advisory Board, etc.)




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